Watch as this deer gets rescued from the middle of a frozen pond


It must have been a cold January morning in Arkansas, because a pond had completely iced over enough for a baby deer to get stranded. Thankfully, some people who lived nearby spotted the deer and were ready to risk walking across the pond to help get the animal to safety.

“I was going out to feed farm animals when I saw a large dark spot on the ice in my pond. After getting closer I realized it was a small deer. I called my son and he sent my grandson out to help,” one of the people behind the rescue mission explained. “He put on his waders and rescued the deer.”

They caught the sweet moment on video, seen above.

At first, the deer seems frightened—naturally. But eventually, the doe lets the man pick her up and carry her to the edge of the pond. He’s careful as he makes his way across the ice, breaking it where he can. Thankfully, the pond isn’t very deep, so there isn’t much risk of going under. After a couple of close calls and one minor slip, the pair are able to make it back to solid ground. But the young deer seems cold and disoriented.

Someone half-jokingly asks off camera, “Can we keep her?” But the person filming is adamant about letting her get back into the wild. The deer isn’t exactly quick to run off, though, so they set up a temporary shelter for it, just until it’s ready to brave the wilderness once again.

“We made a lean-to out of pallets and put straw and corn in it. Then we put the deer in it. The next morning the deer was gone,” reads the explanation in the video’s caption.

This deer isn’t the only animal that’s suffered from the recent cold surge, either. Iguanas in Florida were frozen when Winter Storm Grayson brought cold temperatures and even snow to Florida. Sharks were also stranded due to cold shock in the Cape Cod area.

But unless the young deer in the video above finds itself stuck in the middle of a pond again, it should be more than equipped to handle the winter weather. You see, deer have a special fur coat that makes surviving freezing temperatures possible.

Even alligators have a way of coping in frozen waters. They brummate, which means they slow their metabolic activity and stick their noses out of the water so they can still breathe.

We have a feeling this deer will be just fine, because nature is an incredible thing. And if it should find itself in another predicament, let’s hope there are more kind humans nearby to help out!

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