Watch Enrique Iglesias Adorably Make His Twin Babies Giggle

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A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do! Even though Enrique Iglesias noted that he had a “tough audience,” he was determined to get a giggle out of his 8-month-old twins — and there’s an Instagram video to prove it.

The singer and his tennis champ partner Anna Kournikova welcomed twins, reportedly named Lucy and Nicholas, in December 2017. Since then, fans have relished the rare behind-the-scenes moments the private couple has shared with their family at home.

Now that Iglesias has posted a video of himself gobbling like a turkey to keep his kids laughing, he’s reached peak dad.

In the video, you can see the singer running back and forth in front of his children while saying “gobble, gobble, gobble.” As soon as he pauses, their laughter stops. So, he kept at it for quite some time. The things we do to keep our children happy, you know?

Oddly enough, you’ll probably find yourself laughing just as hard as these babies when you watch the sweet moment on Instagram:

There’s no shame in his fatherhood game, and he’s been open about how truly special becoming a dad has been. He gushed about his newborns while performing in Budapest.

“I became a father about 12 weeks ago, and I can absolutely tell you, two things: Love my babies! I love them so much” he said, adding, “Actually, three things: I love my girl, and I super f—ing love you guys for being here tonight!”

He’s not the only parent prepared to go above and beyond to get a smile from little Lucy and Nicholas, as their mom has also given a glimpse of her silly side on Instagram, too.

Kournikova posted a video of herself dancing with one of the twins, writing, “Little one, please don’t inherit my dance moves.”

Honestly, it’d be hard to pass up the chance to get a laugh out of these two. Just look at how cute they both are in these Instagram shots:

Just adorable!

While Iglesias and Kournikova are in no rush to the altar, the tennis pro has been open about wanting to have kids:

“I absolutely want to have children, whether I have my own or adopt,” she told Women’s Health magazine in 2011. “I love taking care of people.”

Now the couple has not one, but two little ones to care for and entertain, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Oh, and they can keep the hilarious videos coming, too!

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