You Have To See This Epic Mother-Son Wedding Dance

Often the most memorable parts of a wedding reception are the special dances that kick off the evening: First the happy newlyweds take the dance floor, followed by the bride and her father then the groom and his mother. While it used to be that the most stressful part of these dances was selecting the song, now, in the YouTube age, the pressure is on to make the moment as memorable for wedding guests (and possibly the entire internet) as for the dancers themselves. Some people take dance lessons to prepare while others wing it. And then, there are the special few who seriously take it up a notch.

Enter the mother and son in this video—they showed us how it’s done. They begin by dancing to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” then surprise everyone by breaking into a series of pop favorites, from Michael Jackson to Beyonce. This mother-son duo dance like it’s their job—and are seriously entertaining. With almost 3 million (!) views on YouTube alone, this is definitely a dance for the ages and one none of us will soon forget.

Just like having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, father-daughter and mother-son dances are a traditional part of many weddings. While the newlyweds are dancing or toward the end of their dance, the father traditionally cuts in to dance with his daughter while the son goes to find his mom and asks her to dance, according to Sometimes grandparents are brought into the dancing mix, too.

Grooms-to-be and moms: This pair has thrown down the gauntlet. If you want to compete with their performance, you better get to work!