Viral Video About The Husbands Of Women Who Love Target Is Hilarious

We’ve all seen them, waiting by the dressing rooms or trying to body block their wives from browsing the Hearth & Hand section again. These are the “Husbands of Target” and they are often a very bored breed. After all, they have to kill time while their spouses go in for “just a couple of things” only to return an hour or more later with a loaded cart.

That’s why a new viral video by four dad bloggers about “a group of husbands collectively waiting in the Target parking lot” will make you crack up. Take a look.

The husbands seen here are Penn Holderness of the Holderness Family, comedian Charlie Berens, Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad and Myles Montplaisir of You Betcha.

In their Target parody video, these guys bond over mutual boredom. And why not? Calmus says he spent so much time waiting for his wife that he resorted to returning shopping carts to the store and getting hired by his local Target as a result.

Once the Husbands of Target find each other in the parking lot, the quartet forms a poker table, have tailgate parties and sort of keeps an eye on their kids in a nearby van.

“I know it sounds crazy but I look forward to those throw pillows going on sale now,” Montplaisir says mid-video. “Get to see my boys.”

target parking lot photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

Calmus declares that there should be Target groups around the world because, as Berens adds, “There’s no reason for any husband to endure a red tag sale alone.”

A YouTube commenter agreed, saying, “I know it’s a joke but this needs to actually be a thing.”

In fact, a spinoff Facebook group called Husbands of Target Official Group has been created by the video’s creators, and it already has about 2,800 members as of Feb. 18. There, fellow Target Mom-plus ones can find each other, commiserate and strategize on how to cut their wives’ shopping trips short.

“Use this group to find other guys that may be sitting just three cars away in your own neighborhood target,” the group description says. “Swap stories of ways you’ve passed the time or crazy things your wife has spent money on. We’re all in this together…”

Husbands of Target unite!