Watch James Corden Go Skydiving With Tom Cruise

This is truly an adventure!

James Corden just went to literal new heights in his quest to be one of late night’s most over-the-top hosts.

On July 26’s episode of “The Late Late Show,” Corden enlisted the help of stunt-loving leading man Tom Cruise to go on a one-of-a-kind skydiving adventure.

In the segment, the pair head to the sweltering California desert so Corden can learn first-hand what it’s like to put your life on the line for good entertainment.

Cruise, of course, knows well what that feels like. The “Mission: Impossible” star has a well-noted love for doing his own stunt work in his films.

He even injured himself while filming the latest installment, which comes out July 27.

Tom Cruise photo
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As has been noted in press ahead of the movie’s opening, “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” features a skydiving scene that Cruise performed himself after going through training.

In his segment with Corden, presumably because he received training for the film, Cruise is able to make his jump solo.

Corden, meanwhile, was strapped to another person — a man named Danny, whose abilities Corden is less than confident about.

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“We’re not skydiving into Margaritaville,” he deadpans. “I want someone who looks like they know what they’re doing.”

Spoiler alert: Danny and Corden do fine. And Cruise proves once again why he’s one of the most dedicated action stars Hollywood has ever seen:

Cruise is poised to reprise his iconic role in a sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick,” with the new movie is due out July 12, 2019.

While it may not seem possible, 30 years have flown by since Cruise hit the “Danger Zone” (get the Kenny Loggins reference there?) The original action-packed film brought in more than $356 million worldwide during its 1986 release.

Fans recently got their first glimpse of the sequel thanks to an image of a promotional poster that Cruise posted to Instagram:


The photo has more than 250,000 likes, and fans are sounding off in the comments about their excitement over the upcoming film.

The poster features Cruise in character as the risk-tasking fighter pilot, helmet in hand with a jet in the background. The words “Feel The Need” appear across the image, a reference to the original film’s famous line, “I feel the need, the need for speed,” spoken in unison by Cruise’s character and his partner, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards). Cruise captioned his photo simply, “#Day1.”

Written by Sandra Gonzalez for CNN.

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