Watch Momma Dog Happily Be Reunited With Her Puppies

When I see puppies, I get all excited. When they go away, I get sad. So I can’t even imagine how torn this momma dog was when her babies were taken away from her at an abusive home.

When the video starts, she’s cowering in the corner of her kennel at the shelter. But a mere 12 seconds in, she perks her ears forward and shows interest when one of the puppies is held up for her to see.

Ten seconds later, she realizes they are her puppies and she rushes over to see them. The transformation of her comfort level and gratitude towards the handlers is heartwarming.

If she could talk, I think she’d be saying in the video, “My babies! My babies! I love you so much!”

I hope this makes you smile too.

[h/t: Huffington Post]