Watch these people roll snow instead of shoveling it

Sure, the first snowfall of the year is magical. A light coating of fresh powder makes nearly any scene look like a winter wonderland. But once winter really hits, it becomes a pain in the butt for anyone who owns property.

No one likes shoveling snow off driveways, sidewalks or decks. It’s a universally hated chore that can’t be avoided, season after season. But what if you could have a little fun while doing it?

If you haven’t heard of the cartoon-inspired technique of snow rolling, prepare yourself. According to Today, one snow roller Alex Salt—whose video of rolling huge snow rolls has amassed over 5k views—used cartoons as his inspiration. Think Bugs Bunny pushing a tiny, pebble-sized snowball along until it transforms into an enormous one.

Below is a quick video that shows just how simple and straightforward this interesting snow clearing technique is. Whether using it to clear out your own property or just as a fun experiment, why not try it out next snowfall?

The concept is easy: Instead of using a shovel, take a small snowball, push it forward and continue to do so until you have a clear path. It will get increasingly larger in size as you roll it.

But while it’s a straightforward process, it’s not always the easiest snow clearing option. Snow needs to be wet, and around one to four inches thick. You also want to keep the snowball as circular as you can when you’re rolling it.

As you can see in the video below, Randy Campbell had no problems rolling his snow. You can see him start with a snowball, and end up with a snow roll over half his height.

“This snow is perfect for making snow forts and snowmen or for just clearing a path,” he states in his video description. “Packing perfectly.”

The video is simply mesmerizing to watch. Even if you don’t live in a place where snow is an issue (lucky!), snow rolling is simply a cool thing to observe.

In another YouTube video, snow roller Michael Rodo is seen clearing his deck with this fun method. Maybe not the most effective technique, “but it is fun,” he states in the video.

A few tips before you begin: Start with a ball eight to ten inches, reshape as you roll, push the final roll over to the ground so it’s not a safety hazard and don’t try this uphill.

Who’s planning on trying this out? We want to hear how it went!

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