Watch This Machine Put A Burger Together From Start To Finish

How crazy is it that we live in a world where robots are a real part of our workforce? According to recent studies, robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030. While that seems far-fetched to some, it’s already evident in major cities such as San Francisco, where robots are systematically making gourmet burgers for hungry guests. It shouldn’t be surprising that this tech hub has launched the world’s first robot-made burgers at Creator.

Check it out:


Behind this burger-making device is a team of engineers, roboticists and user interaction specialists whose main goal is to improve food, and moreover produce “higher quality food at a lower price,” says Creator’s website. The robot reduces food waste and energy use, among other eco-friendly bonuses, thanks to its efficiency in only using what it needs to during that actual burger-making process. This is unlike your common gas-powered grill at say a fast-food chain.

We can’t lie — the final product does look good:

The impressive burger-making robot does everything a human would, with utmost precision. As you can see in the video below, posted by tech reporter Rich DeMuro, the process starts with unsliced brioche buns that get sliced, toasted and sauced; next, onions and tomatoes are sliced to order; lettuce is added; two cheese options, sharp or smoked, are added; the spices are tossed on; and finally the grilled patty is laid on top upon completion of the burger.

It’s quite a sight to see. The 14-foot all-in-one burger machine uses 350 sensors and 20 computers to make its burgers. Within five minutes it can make a burger start to finish, and it can create 130 of them in an hour.

“If we’re going to create machinery to do things, let’s do it so it replaces things people don’t want to do in the first place,” Ali Bouzari of Pilot R&D, a food innovation and development company, told Eater. Having a burger-making robot, for example, eliminates the need for people to do repetitive and undesired tasks, such as inhaling smoke from a grill all day long.

With a menu that includes drool-inducing $6 burger creations, a choice of 15 different sauces to choose from, fresh salads and sides, we’re here for this innovation!

What do you think about robots making our food?