Watch Simone Biles do a triple-double in slow-motion

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Are you as excited about the Tokyo Olympics as we are? Although there are so many talented athletes heading to the Olympic Games this year, one competitor we definitely don’t want to miss is Simone Biles.

Biles is such an amazing gymnast that she has four different gymnastics moves named after her. She has a total of 30 world and Olympic medals to her name, and she holds an American record for earning the most gold medals by a female gymnast in a single Olympic Games.

One of Biles’s signature moves is her triple-double, also known as the “Biles II.” She first landed this move successfully during a competition at the 2019 World Championships in Germany. In this breathtaking floor routine move, Biles does two backflips while twisting three times in the air before landing on the ground.

If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is! And during Biles’s fast-paced routine, it can be tricky to see the incredible precision and impressive control that she exhibits while executing this move.

So, it’s helpful to watch her feat of athleticism in slow-motion, like in this video posted to TikTok by the NBC Olympics account:

@nbcolympicsMy heavens, Simone Biles. #gymnastics #gymtrials21 #tokyoolympics #fyp♬ original sound – NBCOlympics

Twitter user @bubbaprog posted another video of her superhuman routine slowed way down, so us mere mortals can marvel at her ability to soar beyond the touch of gravity:

In addition to the triple-double/Biles II, Biles is going to be serving us even more goddess energy at the Olympics.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to watching her perform the incredibly difficult Yurchenko Double Pike, and if she lands it successfully, the vault itself will even be named after Biles. (This wouldn’t be the first time she’s been honored with this gesture of respect: In 2018, she had a vault named after her when she competed at the World Championships.)

And if Biles lands the Yurchenko Double Pike at the Olympics, the move will also be named after her, upping the number of gymnastics skills named after her to five.

Watch her practice the Yurchenko Double Pike in a video posted by the CBC Olympics Twitter account:

In a recent Facebook docu-series, Biles admitted that when the 2020 Olympics were canceled due to the pandemic, it caused her to doubt herself. She feared that she wouldn’t be at the top of her game when the rescheduled Olympics finally rolled around.

“I never imagined the Olympics would be postponed,” she says. “Having to come back, am I going to be just as good? Can I do it again?”

Something tells us she will be able to do it again … and that she will leave the Olympics not only with more gold around her neck, but with another move and vault bearing her legendary name, too.

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