Watch This 92-Year-Old Man Sing To His Dying Wife

This touching video seems to be a scene straight out of The Notebook. 92-year old Howard is seen singing “You’ll Never Know” by Rosemary Clooney with Harry James to his wife Laura.

Filmed by the couple’s granddaughter, Erin Solari, she expressed that she recorded this tender exchange to capture their final moments together. According to Erin’s comments on her YouTube video, the couple was still madly love and this was their love song. When Howard went away to fight in WWII, this song comforted Laura. And at family gathering’s they often sang it together.

In fact, after fifty years of marriage, they renewed their vows and performed this song as a duet for the entire family at the reception. Sadly, Grandma is now too weak to sing, but that doesn’t stop her from saying the words to him (see at 1:00).

When she cannot continue the song, Howard gently takes over and sings the remainder of the tune. The best part about this story is in Erin’s update below:

After posting this video to Facebook, it began to go viral and all the outpouring of love lifted everyone’s spirits… including Grandma’s! Hospice eventually deemed her well enough to go back home to live out her remaining few days. As of this posting my beautiful Grandma Laura Virginia is still with us resting peacefully at home. Our family along with the wonderful people from hospice are taking care of her and making sure she remains as pain-free and comfortable as possible while she prepares for her nearing departure. We all thank you so much for the love and kind words.


Here is the full song from the clip. “You’ll Never Know” performed by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James:

True love is a beautiful thing.