Watch this video of a woman jumping into a storm drain to save ducklings in distress

Shara Fenell was walking in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, on Memorial Day when she saw a duck quacking near a storm drain. When she went to investigate, Fenell discovered that the duck’s little ducklings had fallen down the drain.

That’s when Fenell took it upon herself to save the day, jumping into the storm drain to save the little ducklings in distress. Her heroic act was captured on video, and Fenell’s act of kindness caught the attention of the local news. Check out the sweet video below:

What a completely adorable rescue mission! At the end of the video, Fenell’s friend declared that it only took her a minute and 18 seconds to bring the ducklings to safety.

We’re sure that the mama duck was delighted and relieved that a Good Samaritan was there to save her babies! After they were reunited, Fenell ensured that the mother duck and her ducklings made it across the street safely.

The incident took place near the famous Peabody Hotel, where ducks visit the hotel’s fountain each day at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., a tradition that dates back nearly 90 years. Some were left wondering if the ducks had wandered over from the hotel to the storm drain.

It’s not confirmed that the ducks came from the hotel, but Fenell shared an update on Facebook on May 31, announcing that she would act as “honorary duck master” at the hotel on June 5 at 11:00.

We’d say she definitely deserves the honor for her good deed!

According to the Wildlife Conservation and Management Program at Rutgers University, ducklings falling through storm sewer grates in this way is actually a common problem.

They recommend using a long steel rod or crowbar to lift the gate and using a kitchen strainer or other tool to pick up the ducklings. If you need help, the university notes that your local sewer authority or fire department should be able to lend a hand.