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Have you been considering adding an over-the-air antenna to your TV lineup but aren’t sure about everything you’ll need to maximize your viewing experience? A new comprehensive TV bundle can change the way you watch and even record your favorite shows for free is now available for customers through Dec. 31 (or while supplies last). This package deal is offered by Tablo, which makes TV accessories that let you watch free antenna TV on any screen in your home (TV, tablet, computer or smartphone), from your favorite channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, ION, PBS and more. 

This exclusive bundle provides the essentials you need to set up your TV to get free live, local and national primetime shows, movies and sports. As a bonus, Tablo lets you record and playback shows so you can watch them later at your convenience. Knowing that many Americans are paying thousands a year to watch TV shows that they can get for free, this one-time $99 investment is the best deal you can find today. 

Keep reading to get details about the items included in the bundle. Buy it for yourself or as a holiday gift for that impossible-to-shop-for person in your life.

1. Tablo 2 Tuner, with 70 hours of storage

The Tablo 2 Tuner wirelessly sends your TV antenna signal to any room or smart device in your home, giving you the flexibility to watch or record two TV shows whenever and wherever you want. The device also allows you to record and playback live TV at your convenience, eliminating the need for a subscription-based recording system. 

This recorder boasts the capability for whole-home recording because it’s not merely hooked directly to a single TV. Instead, the Tablo 2 Tuner uses your home’s Wi-Fi network or ethernet to send live or recorded shows to your personal devices. With 128GB of storage, you can watch or record two channels at once and store up to 70 hours of HD-quality TV with just a single antenna.

2. Mohu Arc Pro Amplified Indoor Antenna

This Mohu indoor TV antenna allows customers to watch high-definition broadcast TV totally free. It receives signals from broadcast towers up to 60 miles away and gives you the feed in 1080p quality (but is set up to receive 4K signals when that becomes the OTA norm).

This antenna is multi-directional, which means you don’t have to aim it in a certain direction to get a good signal. Built into the antenna is a lighted indicator that clearly shows your signal strength. It is compact enough to sit near your TV and blend in with most decor in a typical entertainment center. 

Bonus:  Tablo TV Guide

Once you opt for OTA TV as your primary way to watch, sometimes the challenge is keeping track of all of the programming and sports airing across all channels you can get (antenna tv does not come with a channel guide). That’s what makes Tablo a great device to enhance your OTA viewing experience.

This service provides a variety of features, including the ability to record shows by series, rather than having to individually set each episode to record. It also gives you a live TV guide and other user-friendly features. The service is normally $5 a month or $50 a year, but is included as complimentary bonus in this package.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into free OTA TV and potentially whittling down your monthly expenses, this limited-time $99 deal could be a great way to jump in. The deal is available at from early November through December 2022 (or while supplies last).

To learn more about Tablo, you can visit

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