Watching TV With Your Partner May Actually Be Good For Your Relationship

Permission to be couch potatoes? Granted.

When it comes to watching TV, most health experts would recommend putting down the remote and getting up off the couch.

However, it turns out this habit could be good for something—if you’re watching something with your significant other. A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that sharing media like TV shows, books and movies with partners can enhance the quality of your relationship.

When couples share a similar social circle, it helps foster a feeling of closeness and connection in a relationship. But if a couple doesn’t have the same friends, watching the same TV show or scheduling a movie night can compensate for that deficit. Regularly watching these things together can maintain that feeling of closeness and make up for their lack of mutual friends.

So next time you’re worried about having different friends with your partner, remember this: There’s not much that a day of binge-watching “Game of Thrones” can’t fix.

[h/t Lifehacker]