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Watermelon Champagne Is The Drink Of The Summer

Don't mind if we do!

Move over, rosé. There’s a new favorite summer drink that’s taken the internet by storm, and it’s just as pretty, refreshing and pink.

Watermelon champagne is exactly what you would imagine it to be—watermelon blended and mixed with champagne—but you can add your own twist with fresh herbs or citrus for a fancier cocktail.

This delicious twist on mimosas isn’t hard to make, and according to our friends at PureWow, who used a recipe from this blog, you fill 1/3 of a champagne flute up with watermelon juice or blended watermelon, and add champagne to the rest of the glass. Garnish with your choice of basil, mint or lime. It’s that easy.

Diane Abroad

Nothing sounds better than a nice refreshing watermelon on a summer’s day, and mix that with some bubbly, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate summer cocktail.