Taco Bell’s New Watermelon Freeze Comes With ‘Seeds’ Made Of Candy

Summer is here and Taco Bell is serving up an all-new watermelon-inspired beverage. This isn’t your classic watermelon-flavored slushie drink, either. Oh no! Taco Bell took it a step further and tried to literally recreate the fruit in drinkable form — seeds and all!

The new Watermelon Freeze has black “seeds” that are actually edible, as they are made of candy. You’ll be able to enjoy sweet bits of candy while you sip, although the food chain does warn that these “seeds” can be a choking hazard and recommends the icy treat for ages four and up!

While it is a little strange to get used to the idea of candy floating around in your drink, a look at the product will make you understand where Taco Bell was going with this concept: It looks exactly like a watermelon, while simultaneously looking unlike any other beverage you’ve seen before!

Taco Bell’s website even joked, “… [Y]you don’t have to worry about one of these seeds sprouting and growing a huge melon in your stomach.” Ha!

More Exciting Additions To The Menu

However, this isn’t the only summertime favorite that Taco Bell has recreated just in time for the hottest season of the year. The chain is also serving up rosé-inspired frozen goodness  — AKA frosé — at two of its locations. And customers like Joleen aren’t complaining:

But don’t be disappointed if you don’t live in one of the two places where the Berry Frosé is served. Taco Bell has also reimagined the red Skittles flavor into an icy drink called the Skittles Strawberry Freeze:


And if all customers have a similar reaction to @SagerDanger when they try the drink, then it would seem Taco Bell should consider stocking up on ingredients:

Snag One While You Still Can

You can get your hands (and your tastebuds!) on the all-new Watermelon Freeze at participating Taco Bell locations nationwide. The drink retails for $2.39 and it is 220 calories for a regular size and 270 calories for a large size. And customers — like Tyra — said it’s as refreshing (and delicious) as you might hope:

This unique drink is only available for a limited time, so don’t delay if this is on your summer bucket list. You’ve almost got to try it — you know, for summer’s sake!

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