These watermelon mimosas are a refreshing summer twist on the brunch classic

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When thinking of a mimosa, maybe you picture yourself sitting at an elegant brunch party, sipping a champagne glass full of a delicious combination of orange juice and sparkling wine. And while the traditional mimosa is absolutely amazing, it’s always fun to add a little twist to favorite drinks, right?

We found the perfect drink recipe for a super, summer-style mimosa that is a must-try! This Watermelon Mimosa blends the best of the classic mimosa with the ultimate seasonal fruit! With only three main ingredients, it is one of the easiest drinks to mix up for your next party or just lounging around the pool.

Recipe author Layla Pujol at Laylita’s Recipes shared this elegant, yet simple drink with her readers. The watermelon mimosa takes only about 30 minutes to mix together and chill. You’ll need a watermelon, oranges, and your favorite bottle of sparkling wine or champagne. Or, if you want to make this a non-alcoholic drink, you can always substitute club soda or a lemon-lime soda!

Check Laylita’s recipe for the exact quantities for each item. You’ll also want to see how she adds sweetness and what she includes as a garnish.

The most difficult part of this recipe is probably preparing the fruit to blend. Cutting watermelon can be a little awkward and challenging. You can check out these 6 watermelon-cutting tricks to make slicing up the fruit a snap!


After your fruit is cut, juiced and blended, you will need to strain the fresh fruit juice to ensure you get a good blend in the mixer. You want those sips to be smooth!

Laylita recommends leaving the watermelon-orange mixture in the refrigerator overnight before combining it with the bubbly. You may want to strain the mixture a second time before mixing.

After that, combine with your champagne, sparkling wine, or non-alcoholic carbonated beverage and enjoy the taste of summer in a glass!

Looking for more brunch sipping options? You might want to consider Tequila Sunrise Mimosas from Damn Delicious, with an ombré hue caused by layering the flavors of strawberry, peach and pineapple. If you’re looking for mimosas that are perfect for other seasons, try Delish’s Caramel Apple Mimosa or Freutcake’s Peppermint White Christmas Cocktail. You’ll definitely be wanting a bottomless mimosa glass to hold all the fruity, alcoholic goodness!


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