This watermelon slicer is life-changing

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Tired of sweating and struggling as you try to cut into a watermelon? Have trouble getting a grip on the slippery fruit, worried it’s gonna slide away as you wield your giant watermelon knife? Yeah, us too. As delicious as the summer fruit is, it’s surprisingly difficult to actually cut and eat. That’s why you absolutely need this new watermelon slicer from Ascenation.

This baby, dubbed the Creative Watermelon Slicer, can slice through a hardy watermelon like it’s nothing. Here’s a demonstration video over on BuzzFeed’s Tasty:

As you can see, this plastic and stainless steel cutting tool basically works like a giant apple slicer, using a round blade to cut a watermelon into perfectly symmetrical slices around the center. You do have to cut off the ends of the watermelon before using it, of course.

At only $15, it’s not a bad price point for all of the use you’ll get out of it during the summer months. You can also use it to slice pineapples, cantaloupes and honeydews, as well as other types of melons. And hey, if it works so well on uber-tough melons, maybe it would work just as well on the equally-as-tough fall squashes, like pumpkin, butternut, or acorn? It’s worth a try, at least!

Ascenation’s Creative Watermelon Slicer isn’t the only tool out there designed to make your watermelon-eating life easier. There are a range of other tools that will help you hack into a watermelon, including The Original Watermelon Claw (which is basically a pair of tongs disguised as a knife) and the Watermelon Popsicle Slicer from Williams-Sonoma (a tool that cuts slices of watermelon in the shape of popsicles…perfect for kids!). Williams Sonoma also sells the Watermelon Tap Kit, which turns a juicy watermelon into an even juicier vehicle for drinks at a party.


If you’d rather impress your friends and family with your pure watermelon-cutting brawn (instead of using a tool), we hear that the “grid-slicing” method is the most effective way to go. To take it a step further, you can even teach yourself the “watermelon skinning” technique as a party trick.

Or just get all of these and become your neighborhood’s go-to watermelon purveyor. Yummm…