This watermelon, vodka and prosecco slushie screams summer


There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than an ice-cold slushie — unless you add alcohol to it, of course. So, when we stumbled upon this watermelon slushie from Plated, we knew we now had a new favorite summer drink.

Not only does the recipe use real watermelon, but it calls for blending the fruit with vodka and prosecco for what sounds like the perfect refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day. Check out the full recipe below!


Watermelon Slushie

Watermelon, vodka and prosecco are blended together in this boozy summer slushy that appears more complex than it really is.

(Serves 1)



1 small watermelon
1 ounce vodka
2 ounces prosecco



1. Dice watermelon into cubes and blend to yield about 8 ounces of watermelon purée.

2. Combine watermelon purée with vodka and prosecco.

3. Serve in a glass of your choice and garnish with lime.


And that’s it! Easy, right?

If you’re a rosé fan, I have another recipe you might want to try as well. It comes from subscription-based food retailer Daily Harvest, so it does call for their strawberry peach smoothie blend, but you could likely get a similar result by blending frozen strawberries and peaches with the rosé.


It won’t taste exactly like the recipe, as their smoothie blend also includes other ingredients like bananas, oats and goji berries, but we don’t think you can go wrong with frozen fruit and rosé!


Just take one smoothie blend or a handful of frozen strawberries and peaches, then put them in a blender with 7 ounces of rosé wine. That’s it — you now have a strawberry peach frozé!


If making your own slushies sounds like a lot of work, have no fear. You can now buy a slushie machine that sits right on your kitchen counter and isn’t much bigger than a countertop blender.

All you’ll need to create slushies in the machine is ice, table salt, and a liquid like juice or, of course, vodka.

The slushie machine below costs $50.99 at Firebox.


Based on the reviews, people love how quickly and evenly this machine whips up ice for delicious slushies.

“Fantastic machine. Very easy to use and it makes great-tasting slushes very quickly,” one review reads on the Firebox website.


Will you be making some boozy slushies this summer?

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