The way this mom handled her kid drawing on the wall is going viral

It’s a rite of passage for toddlers: surprising their parents with artwork using mediums other than paper. And one parent’s response to her kid’s wall mural is making the rest of us feel a little better about what our homes have looked like over the years.

Dad Eric Massicotte recently tweeted a photo of his son’s wall art, and what his wife did in response. “Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humour,” he wrote.

That’s right, Mom framed and named the drawing. Massicotte’s wife called it “Interrupted House,” made with “Marker on latex paint.” Museums usually note how the artwork was acquired, so this one says “Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th.”

Massicotte, a neurosurgeon at the University of Toronto, told Babble how this funny moment—that’s now been seen by just about everyone—came about. It all started after their two small kids practiced writing during breakfast one morning. “My wife and I were getting the boys’ lunches and backpacks ready to take them to school,” he explained. “We took our eyes off them just for a moment when our eldest decided he would ‘teach’ his little brother how to draw a house … using our wall as his chalkboard.”

More than 125,000 people have retweeted his post so far. Some shared their own experiences and some had advice for the proud owners of “Interrupted House.” One Twitter user, for example, encouraged the Massicottes to return the favor when their little artist grows up:

Another user expressed interest in having his own Massicotte original:

There was even an art teacher who weighed in, with accolades for how this mom kept her cool and encouraged her son in the process:

This entire incident is a great lesson in how the best way to stay sane is to have a sense of humor—and roll with the punches.

Check it out here: