5 Ways To Attract More Hummingbirds To Your Garden


There’s nothing like a nice garden that’s blossoming flowers and buzzing with life. It’s fun to spend your time outdoors around the company of hummingbirds, as they are not only beautiful but a healthy addition to your garden. Hummingbirds can help get rid of small bugs and reduce the need for pesticides.

If you’re trying to attract more hummingbirds, there are certain things to keep in mind when planning your garden.

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Certain habitats are more conducive to hummingbirds, and you have to think about your whole garden to improve your chances of luring in the beautiful creatures.

If you’re trying to create a hummingbird-friendly garden, consider these five tips to attract more of the small bird.

1. Keep Your Garden Open

How you lay out your garden is the first step in creating a hummingbird-friendly environment. Hummingbirds enjoy gardens with open spaces so they can move freely from one nectar to another.

Part shaded and part sunny is ideal, as they like to hum in the sun but rest in the shade.


2. Add More Feeders

Hummingbirds need food, and in addition to flowers, you’ll need to have some quality feeders that continuously stay full. Fill them up with one part sugar and four parts water, and boil for two minutes to remove any impurities from the sugar.

If you find that there is one hummingbird “bully” that dominates the feeder, add more to your garden, perhaps on the opposite side. Keep your feeders clean and periodically make sure your sugar solution hasn’t gone bad.


3. Plant Attractive Flowers

Because hummingbirds are visual and don’t have a sense of smell, hummingbirds are attracted to bright flowers that are tubular and scentless, including many perennials and vines.

Wild flowers produce more nectar than hybrid flowers, which make them a better choice to attract hummingbirds.


4. Provide A Water Source

In addition to providing your birds with food, they will also need an easy-access water source to drink and bathe. Change out the water daily and consider adding a water mister. The noise of the mister attracts the birds, and they also enjoy bathing in the water.


5. Use Bright Colors

In addition to bright-colored flowers, which attract hummingbirds, surround your garden with other colored objects. Hummingbirds like yellow, orange, pink and purple, but they are most attracted to the color red.

Paint your feeder this shade to bring in the birds, and add new coats as it starts to dull. You’ll want to keep your garden vibrant and fresh looking.


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