5 Ways You Probably Never Knew You Could Use Lavender


There’s no denying that lavender smells great and that there are plenty of ways this scent can be implemented into your life. But, with so many uses for lavender essential oil and a multitude of ways to cook with the herb— it’s really hard to keep up with what this great-smelling plant can do.

Well, forget all of the other uses for lavender because these are the only five that you need to know. These unique ways of incorporating it into your daily routine will make you feel (and smell!) so much better.

Find out five ways you never knew you could use lavender.

1. Relieve Allergies

Applying a few drops of lavender oil to the bridge of your nose and back of your neck can help relieve your allergy symptoms.


2. Help You Sleep

The light scent of lavender can help you relax and make it easy for you to fall asleep. An article in Rodale’s Organic Life suggests having lavender infused tea at bedtime or stuffing your pillow with a lavender sachet for an all-natural way of falling asleep.


3. Eliminate Dandruff

Applying lavender oil to the scalp of adding a few drops to your shampoo will help keep the scalp moisturized and dandruff-free.


4. Sanitize Hands

Lavender is antibacterial, making it a great addition to hand sanitizers. DIY your own with this recipe.


5. Freshen Your Laundry

Adding lavender to a cloth that’ll go in the dryer with your clothes is a great way to DIY your own dryer sheet and have your clothing smelling subtly fresh.


So, lavender’s got quite a few important uses that will better your life. Using it, you’ll be sleeping like a baby every night and smelling fresh every day. And it doesn’t get better than that.

[h/t: Rodale’s Organic Life]


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