5 Ways To Add Functionality And Rustic Charm To A Nursery

Obviously, only the best will do for your little one, and once you’ve narrowed down a theme for the nursery, the next thing you have to think about is functionality.

You want the space to be comfortable for both you and baby, and you want it to have lots and lots of storage. Infants are as tiny as they can be, but they come with a lot of things!

If you’re looking for a way to have touches of rustic charm in your nursery, there are quite a few ways that you can do just that, while including some major storing capacity at the same time.

These five easy decorating tips will show you just how you can have the perfect nursery. One that’s equal parts functional and adorable.

1. Decorate With Baskets

Woven baskets add a handmade, rustic element to your baby’s room, and they’re great for holding pretty much anything you can think of. Perfect.

Project Nursery

2. Add Wooden Accents Where You Can

No matter what type of storage you’re looking for, you can likely find it in a wooden finish. There’s a certain type of character that wood furniture possesses that lends well to a vintage kind of feeling. So, look for wooden shelves, dressers, etc. when choosing functional furniture.

100 Cake-let

3. Use Vintage Pieces

Giving a new life to vintage pieces is really the best of both worlds in terms of charm and usefulness. How many vintage pieces can you pick out in this photo?

The Little Umbrella


4. Turn Baskets Into Shelves

As I said, you can never have too many baskets, and guess what? If you turn them on their side, they become shelving units. Genius!

Project Nursery

5. Hang Buckets For Adorable Storage

Hanging buckets, especially near the changing table, will be extremely helpful for having things within reach, but it’s also got such a shabby chic vibe.

Frugal, Debt Free Life

There’s no way you could go wrong raising a child in a room full of character that’s got a place for everything. So, get to decorating already, would you?

[h/t: Project Nursery]