Frustrated? Here’s 7 Ways To Become A More Positive Thinker

We all know that one person who can stay upbeat and positive no matter what life hands them. It’s easy to envy these people, but the good news is that we too can become just like them.

It’s tempting to think that our attitudes are stuck the way they are, but just like we can cultivate healthy habits, we can also create happy thoughts and that includes shifting our mindset to become more positive thinkers.

“Thinking positively can improve your overall level of happiness and your health,” says psychiatrist Dr. Susan Edelman. “Take baby steps. Start with finding one positive thought per day and slowly build up from there.”

It may seem challenging at first, but the more you focus on your mental habits, the easier it will be to keep a positive outlook. To have a healthier mindset, try these seven tips for more positive thinking.

1. Focus On Your Strengths

“Instead of fixating on what is wrong with you or your weaknesses, celebrate and support those things that you are great at,” says Katie Christy, founder of Activate Your Talent. A Gallup poll found that people who utilize their strengths daily are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

2. Be Realistic

“Most true positive-thinking people don’t walk around in what appears a field from the The Sound of Music all of the time,” says psychologist Dr. Eliza Belle. “And they don’t actually always see the cup as half full. They acknowledge that life has its realistic highs and lows, and choose to focus on the elements that they have control over rather than the ones they don’t.”

3. Keep A Gratitude Journal

Taking time to write down what you are grateful for each day can help you become more optimistic, experience higher levels of positive emotion, and even help you act with more generosity and compassion. Being forced to think about the positive parts of your day can help put things into perspective and make you more appreciate of the good stuff.

4. Accept Compliments

“Accept favors, gifts, and compliments gracefully, with thanks,” says psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D. “Don’t worry about whether you deserve the compliment. If someone says something nice, and you respond that you don’t deserve it, you’re effectively calling that person a liar; which is not charming at all. Gratitude for kindness begets more kindness.”

5. Spend Time With People You Love

It’s hard to stay positive if the people you surround yourself are constantly bringing you down. “Being with people you care about and who care about you is a great way to affirm your value as a person and to confirm that your life has meaning and purpose,” says Tessina. “Make sure you take good care of your friendships and your relationship. Knowing you are loved is a great way to take care of yourself.”

6. Don’t Complain

“Make a conscious decision to not say what you are irritated, agitated, or annoyed by during the day,” says life management expert Kimberly Friedmutter. “With enough practice, not saying negative things will later progress into positive thoughts. Eliminate the verbal negativity, and you’re left with a baseline of joy.”

7. Use Affirmations

“When you repeat mantras to yourself that you believe in and make you feel good, you start to feel more positive,” says life coach Tom Casano. “You can ingrain new beliefs about yourself by letting your subconscious mind hear them over and over again:  ‘I am amazing and lovable!’ or ‘I am worthy and deserving!’  When you hear these thoughts repeatedly, you begin to believe them and think more positively.”

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