12 Ways To Save Even More At Amazon (That You May Not Know About)

How many of these have you tried?

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That dreaded moment when you are checking out and you see the discount code box waiting to be filled in. Only you don’t have a discount code. In fact you are paying full price.

It’s so late in the game at this point but you know that you should do something. There must be some way you can bring that price down a little lower. Here are few ways to defend yourself against full price payments on Amazon and to guarantee you save from now on.

1. Use The Amazon Warehouse

The warehouse offers deep discounts on an extensive list of products that range from last years models, to new but previously opened items, to slightly damaged. Each of the products are given a grade and although used products are not generally backed by a warranty, they are thoroughly tested by Amazon prior to selling.

Since the items are sold through Amazon, you have great customer support if anything were to go wrong with the item.  When you are on a product page, click on the link for used items.  Once that are sold via Amazon Warehouse will be indicated.

2. Get 5% Back On Every Purchase

I recently signed up for the Amazon Store Card.  There is no annual fee and when you use with Amazon Prime, you get 5% back on all purchases automatically. Here’s more information on the card.

Right now, you also receive a $10 gift card when you sign-up for the card.

3. Save 15% with Subscribe & Save 

With Subscribe and Save, you can sign-up to receive a shipment of your favorite products each month. The items are shipped for free with a discounted rate of up to 15% off (if you have 5 or more items shipping). The best part is you are under no obligation to continue to order and can cancel at anytime.

Pro Tip: A lot of times, I find myself with 3-4 items shipping each month. To ensure I get 15% off, I add a few low-dollar items that I subscribe to and then cancel after they are shipped.  Here’s a list of very cheap items (under $3) you can add to your Subscribe and Save if you need to get to 5 items.

4. Amazon Outlet

Here you will find clearance items, overstocked products, bargains and sales. As with any outlet you may spend a little more time searching through products but when you finally snag your latest amazing deal, you’ll be glad you put in the extra effort.

5. Save 20% Off Diapers with Amazon Family

This program sends you exclusive deals that are centered around things families would want and need. After registering your children during prime membership sign up, you will be sent age appropriate coupons and discounts. This even includes 20% off diapers.

6.Low Price Guarantee On Televisions

This guarantee gives you 30 days to find a better deal than the one you received from Amazon. If you manage to find a qualifying buyer offering a lower price, Amazon will refund you on an Amazon gift card.

7. Get Amazon Gift Cards For Old Stuff

If you turn in old, unwanted items to Amazon they will give you an Amazon gift card in return. They accept cell phones, video games, cameras, books and more.  There is no registration required to participate and the program provides free shipping.

8. Your Amazon Prime Membership can be shared

As long as you are living in the same household, two adults can share the advantages of Amazon Prime membership. And yes roommates do count!

9. Amazon Coins

According to Amazon these coins are a digital currency that offer discounted rates on your purchases. The coins can be used for Android apps, games and in app purchases. By using the coins at an exchange rate of one dollar to a hundred coins, you will also be able to save up to 25%.Where can I spend my Amazon Coins?

10. Use The Amazon Visa Card To Save 3% 

Amazon, also offers a Visa credit card. Unlike the Amazon Store Card, mentioned above, the Visa Card can be used at any store where Visa is accepted.   The card provides 3% back on all Amazon purchases, 2% back at restaurants/gas stations/drug stores, and 1% on everything else.  Some people recommend getting the Visa card if you don’t want to pay for Prime.  But if you have Prime, the Amazon store card may be better.

Right now, you also get $30 credit if you are sign-up for the card.

11. Save 50% On Amazon Prime With Prime Student

For the first six months the Prime student membership is free. Following this the cost is half that of the standard membership fee. Students will only pay $49 and can do so for up to four years.

12. Textbook Rental

You can save up to 80% off of textbooks by renting them rather than purchasing them. There are an abundance of versions offered from kindle, to audio, to hard covered. Free shipping applies and books are only rented if they are in acceptable condition.

Photo by William Christiansen