9 Awesome Ways To Use Cooling Racks That Don’t Involve Cookies

Sure, cooling racks are great place to place your cookies, cakes and more before you chow down, but there are more ways you could be using this tool around the house.

From cooking bacon to making a piece of art you can hang in your office, there are plenty of creative uses for these kitchen utensils.

So, take that apron off, and let’s see how you can be using these for much more than baking-related activities.

1. Cook Bacon

For even crispier bacon, try cooking it stretched out across a cooling rack in the oven. Epicurious suggests avoiding non-stick cooling racks in the oven. Instead, try a stainless steel one.



2. Create A Message Board

You can easily turn a cooling rack into a place to hang your memos. All you really need is a to-do list (which I’m sure you have) and some clothespins or clip magnets to create a cute little message board.


3. Make Chunky Guacamole

Pushing an avocado through a cooling rack will create great big chunky pieces that will add a little more avocado to every bite of your guacamole. Tech Insider shows you just how easy it is in this video from their YouTube channel:


4. Chop Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you like crumbled hard boiled eggs on top of your salad, The Pioneer Woman has a great way to get just the right consistency and texture.

Screen shot 2016-05-12 at 9.04.27 PM
The Pioneer Woman

5. Drain Dishes

If you don’t have a place to store drying dishes, try this trick from the Boat Galley and use a cooling rack in one side of your sink. You’ll have dry dishes in no time!

The Boat Galley

6. Jewelry Organizers

Take these cooling racks out of the kitchen entirely, and you can still use them! Crafting a Green World shows that they can make it super easy to organize your jewelry. Not to mention, this won’t look half bad hanging on your wall.

Crafting A Green World

7. Hanging Art

Streamers and ribbon can take a cooling rack and turn it into a work of art. It’s like a mobile for adults, and it’s sure to look great in your office or over your kitchen table.


8. Lid Organizer

We’ve all got that Tupperware drawer that just can’t seem to stay organized. Well, not anymore! Using a cooling rack is a great way to make sure each and every lid stays in its proper place.


9. Shoe Rack Dryer

Using a cooling rack to dry your shoes after a snowy or rainy day is just genius. No more soggy shoes for you!


I surely never knew there were so many uses for cooling racks, but now that I do— I’m going to start using them all over my house. If they’re good enough to hold my cookies (which I care deeply for), they’re good enough to hold my memos, jewelry and more, right? I’d say so!