10 Clever Ways To Use Silica Gel Packs (So Don’t Throw Them Away)

We’ve all gotten a package that had those little bags in them before, you know the ones. They say they’re hazardous and usually come in boxes of new shoes, in purses you purchase or with electronics. Most people just throw these bags away, but if you keep them around, they’re actually super useful.

The bags contain little pellets of silicon dioxide, which dry out anything around them, according to Business Insider. So, they’re placed in packages to keep your items from getting wet while being shipped.

Important note:  They’re not actually toxic or poisonous, but they can pose a choking hazard (especially with young children), so that’s why they come with a warning label.  A lot of people, in particular children, mistake the little packets for food. So if you have children or pets around, you definitely should store them in a safe place.

Now that you know what their purpose is, I’m sure you could imagine how this could come in handy in your everyday life.  Here are 10 instances when these little bags could keep your items dry and will make you think twice before tossing them in the trash.

1. Place In Your Gym Bag

Storing these baggies in your gym bag will help keep dampness and odors from taking over your bag.

gym bag

2. Save Your Phone

So, you’ve heard of the rice technique when it comes to drying out your phone. Well, placing your phone in a container with these bags will do a much better job of saving your phone, according to Business Insider.

modern smartphone closeup thrown into water

3. Put Inside Of Your Suitcase

If you’re traveling, it might be a good idea to keep a few of these silica gel bags in your suitcase in case any of your liquid items get shifted around during flight.


4. Protect Photos

Photos can disintegrate over time and would be ruined if they got wet, but these little bags could help prevent that from ever happening, keeping your photographed memories intact.


5. Keep Shoes Dry

Placing these bags in shoes will help get rid of any wetness and absorb odors.


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6. Use In Storage Containers

Anytime you’re storing things, especially in a basement or attic, it’d be a good idea to throw some of these bags in just to keep your storage items extra safe.


7. Use In Your Lunch Container

If you’re always trying to save money (like I am) and pack your own lunch, it couldn’t hurt tossing one of these bags in your lunch bag just to keep your bag extra dry in case there’s ever a leak.


8. Place It In Your Makeup Bag

If you store your makeup bag in the bathroom, you’ve likely noticed that your items can be a little damp after you’ve taken a shower, but these bags will help keep everything nice and dry so that you don’t ruin any of those beloved beauty products.


9. Keep The Car Windows From Fogging

We’ve all been here. You’re late for work and you need your windshield to defrost before you can leave the driveway. Well, with these bags placed along the bottom of your windshield, you won’t have anymore frantic mornings— at least not due to your foggy windshield.


10. Prevent Razor Blades From Rusting

Instead of storing razor blades in the shower, place them in a container filled with these bags after each use to keep them from rusting.


Who knew these bags were such life-savers? I certainly had no idea they had so many uses, but now that I know… I’m thinking of placing orders online just so I can have more of these bags handy. Who’s with me?

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[h/t: Business Insider]

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