13 Ways Vaseline Can Be Used In And Around Your Home

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If you thought Vaseline was just great to use on those chapped lips— think again. There are so many ways you never knew you could be using petroleum jelly. So, stock up on some the next time you’re at the store because you’re going to want to keep a jar in each room of your home.

You can easily remove water stains from wood, take a scuff out of your shoe and keep your pets’ paws protected, all with a little Vaseline. Get ready to meet your new favorite product, especially once you find out 13 ways you could be using Vaseline make life a little easier.

1. Remove Water Marks From Wood

A little bit of Vaseline on a rag will remove those water rings from your wood surfaces and leave your tables looking good as new.


2. Stop A Door From Squeaking

If you’ve got a pesky creaky door, just rub a little bit of the jelly on its hinges to quiet it once and for all.


3. Make A Drawer Slide Easily

We’ve all got that one drawer in the kitchen that just doesn’t seem to slide smoothly. Place some Vaseline along the tracking to make it open and close effortlessly.


4. Lift Lipstick Stains

Vaseline will help remove lipstick stains from cloth napkins, towels, etc. so that they come out clean after a good spin cycle.

lipstick on shirt

5. Protect Doorknobs While Painting

If you’re painting a door, be sure to cover the doorknob with Vaseline before you begin. Then, any paint that lands on the doorknob will easily wipe away when you’re through.


6. Help Prevent Diaper Rash

Vaseline adds a protective layer to skin so that your baby won’t continue to irritate an area that is all itchy from diaper rash.


7. Loosen A Stiff Bike Chain

Applying a little Vaseline to a bike chain will get it working without any stiffness again.


8. Get The Perfect At Home Manicure

Rubbing a little jelly around the skin next to your nails will keep any paint from getting past your nail bed, giving you a flawless manicure without the clean up.

The best nail enamel ever, IMHO

9. Moisturize Pets’ Paws

Since this is great for moisturizing our own skin, why not use it on our pets, too? It’ll help keep their paws from getting dry and cracked.


10. Keep Shower Curtains Sliding Easily

If you’ve got a shower curtain that you have to tug on, apply a little Vaseline to the top of the shower rod to get it sliding easily.


11. Revive Dried Leather

Vaseline will make leather jackets, furniture and shoes looking good as new with just a little elbow grease.


12. Distress Paint

Use a thin layer of Vaseline wherever you want a distressed look, paint and then allow to dry and wipe easily wipe away the paint from the areas that had the jelly application. Distressing furniture can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Love Grows Wild

13. Get Scuffs Off Of Shoes

Vaseline and a Q-Tip can help get those annoying scuffs off of patent leather shoes. Hallelujah!

Kathleen Kamphusen/Cosmopolitan

Meet your new miracle worker. Who ever thought it’d come in the form of a tiny jar of Vaseline?


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