9 Ways You Can Cook With Tea That You Might Not Know About

If you’re just looking for an excuse to consume more tea, then, you’re going to love these cooking methods. They allow for more frequent tea times because sometimes a cup in the morning and at night just isn’t enough. If you agree, get ready to add a little tea to breakfast, dinner and even dessert.

Tea can be put straight into boiling water that’s used to soften noodles, rice and even oats. Loose leaves can also be ground into powder and baked right into many of your favorite desserts. No matter how you choose to do it, you can have your tea and drink it, too, with this 9 cooking methods.

1. Bake Into Cookies

This method can work with any type of tea that you’d like, and with virtually any kind of cookie: chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, the list goes on and on. Just think of the combination possibilities. This one recipe adds matcha and white chocolate to sugar cookies for a lovely, sweet treat. Get the recipe.

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2. Flavor Oatmeal

Adding tea to the milk or water that’s going to be used to soften the oats is a great way to infuse a subtle tea flavor into your morning meal. To start your morning off right, give this recipe for chocolate chai oatmeal a try. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Covered Katie

3. Make Tea Butter

Simply add tea leaves to softened butter to get a lightly flavored butter that will make your biscuits all the more tasty. I recommend pairing tea and tea-buttered breads together for the most delicious outcome. Follow these steps.


4. Flavor Rice

Adding a black tea to jasmine rice is a great way to flavor a stir fry. Add veggies, an egg and your choice of meat, and you’ve got yourself a yummy dinner. Get the recipe.

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5. Use It As A Rub

Ever thought of flavoring a steak with tea? Probably not, as the two are quite the unlikely pair, but tea can add an interesting flavor to beef and more. Get the recipe.

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6. Flavor Pasta Dough

If you’re into making your own pasta, try adding tea to the mix for a very unique way to consume your homemade noodles. Get the recipe.

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7. Infuse Milk/Creamer

Add tea leaves to milk or cream and heat to until just before boiling. Cool and strain for a subtle tea flavor in your dairy products. Follow these steps.


8. Use As A Broth

Tea can be used as a way to add a little bit of flavor to broth. It can then be served with meat, noodles and veggies for a filling, delicious dish. Get the recipe.

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9. Add Into A Smoothie

Green tea and fruit smoothies are a match made in heaven. Drink anytime you need to put a little pep in your step. Get the recipe.

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Start using loose leaves in the kitchen a little more often. Cook with them at every meal if you’re so inclined because, honestly, you can never really have too much tea, can you?

[h/t: Bon Appetit]