10 Surprising Ways You Can Use Vaporizing Rub (Aside From Just Relieving A Cold)

I’m a huge fan of vaporizing rub. The slightest sign of a sniffle, and I’m rubbing that stuff under my nose and on my chest and throat. But, vapo rub can be used in a variety of ways, so if you thought it was just good for keeping that cough at a minimum, you’re in for a surprise.

The menthol smell can be used as a deterrent for cats, dogs and mosquitos. It can also be used to relieve ailments such as headaches and sore muscles.

Get ready to use this rub in a variety of ways because it’s for much more than warding off a cold during the winter season.

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1. Relieve Sore Muscles

Rubbing vaporizing rub along any body part that’s sore to increase circulation and get you feeling good as new again.


2. Stop Cats From Scratching

Cats do not like the smell of this menthol-infused ointment, so apply vapo rub to any surface that your cat is prone to scratching.


3. Help House-Train Pets

Cats and dogs will stay away from an area that smells like vapo rub, so open a jar in any area where your pets are prone to going to the potty. House-training just got a little easier.


4. Keep Mosquitos Away

A little vapo rub on your skin and clothing will help keep the mosquitos away. Plus, if for some reason you still get bitten, it will relieve itching. So, you may want to keep a jar of this by the campfire.


5. Relieve Headaches

Applying some vapo rub to your temples will help dissipate head pains.


6. Reduce Acne

Placing a dab of this rub on a bump before bed will help diminish them overnight.


7. Heal A Paper Cut

Vapo rub and a band aid will help scrapes and cuts heal faster. Because even the smallest paper cut can be a pain to deal with.

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8. Moisturize Feet

Rubbing vapo rub on your feet and wearing a pair of socks will help moisturize dry skin and is also a great way to relax. That menthol is soothing, after all.


9. Soothe Minor Burns

If you get a small burn while cooking in the kitchen, running it under cold water and then putting vapo rub on it will get it feeling better in no time. Have a jar by the stove handy for quick burn relief.


10. Rid Toenail Fungus

Vapo rub will rid toenails of fungus, and once they grow out they’ll be perfectly healthy again.


Try using vapo rub in any of these 10 ways because you know you’ve already got a jar on-hand, anyway. Rid your sniffles and so much more thanks to the contents of this tiny jar.

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