We Asked Readers Whether They Put Their Socks On Before Or After Their Pants—And People Apparently Have Very Strong Opinions About The Correct Order

There are a lot of things that you do on a daily basis that you likely don’t give much thought to. For example, every morning you get dressed. As has long been established, we all put our pants on one leg at a time. But before you put on your pants, do you put on your socks — or vice versa?

Apparently, this is a question on which people are very divided. We took to Facebook to poll our readers on whether they put their socks or pants on first when getting dressed, and it was a pretty tight race. Fifty-four percent of responders said socks come after pants, while forty-six percent said before is best.  More than 2,500 people responded, and people on both sides of the issue were pretty passionate about their stance.

Facebook user Samantha Darlene was aghast that anyone would even try to get their socked foot through their pant leg. “Who on this Green earth voluntarily subjects themselves from the infernal annoyance of struggling to get your socked foot through your pantleg???????” she wrote.

On the other end of the spectrum, RoseMary Corona Baumann firmly felt that putting socks on first requires less flexibility.

“Before. I find it easier to bend to reach my feet,” she explained.

Still others felt either order was appropriate, depending on the situation.

“It depends on the socks and the pants,” wrote Sandrea Mo’nique. “If they’re long I put them on before, so I won’t have to scrunch & wrinkle my pants to put the socks on after. If the pants are dress pants I put them on before to prevent bending down and wrinkling the pants.”

The weather is a factor, too! Stacie Pitcock said, “Depends on the weather honestly. When it’s cold I put them on in the bathroom after drying my feet, during the hotter months I put them on after my pants/shorts.”

Makes sense!


Since the responses were divided nearly fifty-fifty, chances are that whichever side you’re on, you’re in good company. So where do you stand — socks on before or after pants?