We Need These Glow-In-The-Dark Bookmarks STAT

Best invention ever?

These days, it seems a lot of essential objects come with glow-in-the-dark options, from pillows to toilet seat adhesives (to help you remember to put the seat back down, men!).

And now there’s the glow-in-the-dark bookmark, which we need rightnow, and you will, too. Once you use one, you’ll never be able to stop. But it’s the best kind of addiction, right? After all, using a bookmark means we’re reading.

And we can thank jewelry designer and photographer Manon Richard for creating the glowing bookmarks.

image (12)
Manon Richard/Etsy

These bookmarks are easy to use. You just charge the bookmark by placing it under light for a few minutes, whether that means a nearby lamp or sunlight. Or you can use a black light on it—and voilà!

And they come in all kinds of styles and designs.

image (13)
Manon Richard/Etsy

Where can you buy one for yourself?

You can find them on Etsy under Richard’s Papillon9 store. Warning: You may order more than just a bookmark, since her glow-in-the-dark jewelry is very cool, too, not to mention one-of-a-kind.

Now excuse me while I go order some for every book-lover I know before they run out.