We tried Skyy’s new Cold Brew Coffee Vodka and here’s the verdict

If you’ve ever put a bit of booze in your morning cup of Joe, you know coffee is only made better when it’s jazzed up a bit. Whether it’s a little Kahlua or even just straight-up vodka or rum, there’s no denying making your coffee even more adult is pretty darn delicious.

Skyy Vodka also knows how amazing the combination of coffee and vodka is and is making our mornings (and afternoon, evening, you get it …) even better with its latest creation: Skyy Infusions Cold Brew Coffee! Infused with real Arabica coffee beans, the new cold brew coffee vodka is 70 proof (35 percent alcohol by volume).

SKYY Vodka

I was able to try it out before its release (and several times since!) and I have to say, it is by far the best flavored vodka I’ve ever had. I admit, I was skeptical as I have had some pretty artificial-tasting flavored vodkas, but this seriously tasted like a cold brew coffee. It actually tasted more like coffee than vodka and went down smoother than any other neat vodka I’ve had. Because it is a cold brew, while the coffee flavor was strong, it was still mild and less bitter than a hot cup of coffee.

Available in 750-milliliter or 1-liter bottles, prices range from $13.99 to $16.99. Skyy recommends simply enjoying it with ice or club soda or mixing it into other cocktails, like this recipe for a Cold Brew Martini:

Cold Brew Martini


1 part Skyy Infusions Cold Brew

1 part Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

1 part Coconut Water


Shake with ice in a mixing tin and strain into a martini glass.

Skyy Vodka

If you’d rather try your hand at making your own coffee-infused vodka, there are tons of recipes online to try and they all look pretty simple. Aside from vodka and coffee beans, this recipe from Tito’s Vodka also calls for water, sugar, vanilla beans and vanilla extract. Or, if you like espresso, you’ll find a handful of espresso vodkas on the market, including from both Breckenridge and Three Olives.

Will you be trying Skyy Vodka’s new Cold Brew Coffee vodka?