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Would You Wear These ‘Clear Knee Mom Jeans’?

Ugliest jeans ever or the latest fashion trend?

Fashion has long been something of an inscrutable industry. To say nothing of the haute couture looks on the runways, streetwear has become increasingly forward-thinking as well, albeit occasionally to the expense of the consumer. Nothing illustrates this point more clearly than the latest fashion question we’re all pondering: Who thought “Clear Knee Mom Jeans” was a good idea? And will anyone buy them?

You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Produced by Topshop (a brand infamous for previous sartorially questionable designs), these Clear Knee pants are available for sale online at Nordstrom. For how much you ask? Oh, $95.

Predictably, the internet was not amused. Responses ranged from “ew, no” to “WHY GOD, WHY?!” Even the comment section on the Nordstrom website was not immune.

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“These jeans seriously make my knees look so good. It’s like a window to my knees. I just hope they wash well,” one reviewer wrote. “Haven’t washed them yet but I will post an update once they hit the cycle.” (FYI: machine wash, line dry. At least they’re not dry clean only.)

Another reviewer noted, “I’m modest and I hate to wear a swimsuit in public, so when my kids insisted that I play with them in the front yard on the slip and slide, I threw these on and I was sliding in style!”