Wear Maxi Dresses All Year Round With These Styling Tips

A maxi dress is the best thing a girl could ever wear. I mean, a maxi dress is comfortable and makes you look completely put together with very little effort. Really, what more could you ask from your wardrobe? And lucky for us girls, this miracle piece of clothing is super versatile and able to be worn all throughout the year!

Transitioning a floor length dress all the way from summer to winter is super easy. All you have to do is simply change your accessories slightly to make your dresses work throughout the passing months. It can help to change the style of the dress a little, too, but really you can even make the exact same dress suitable for the entire year, if you want to.

To see how you can make maxi dresses the new staple of your wardrobe (as if they weren’t already), check out these styling tips that will help you pick out all of the right accessories. From scarves to crochet vests, these items will help spruce up any old long dress and make it feel revived and fitting for the season. For summer, fall, winter and spring, give these tricks a try and never wear anything but a maxi dress ever again! And yes, you can thank me later!


Summer Maxi Dress Styling


Keep styling simple during the summer months. Opt for breathable and even sheer fabrics that you can throw on over your bathing suit and then wear wherever you go. You’re bound to look super put together, and that’s what makes this type of ensemble so great!


Fall Maxi Dress Styling


A casual look works great for fall. Choosing maxi dresses that have slits and plenty of swing when you walk make it easy to style them with a pair of jeans for when it’s starting to get chilly! Trust me, casual never looked so cool!


Winter Maxi Dress Styling


Wearing a long sleeve maxi dress with a duster coat is the way to go for winter months. Add a scarf and some sassy boots, and you just took your outfit to a whole new level. How chic are you?


Spring Maxi Dress Styling


Spring is the perfect time to opt for dainty dresses with loose silhouettes. Pair your dress with a crochet vest and some lace-up sandals, and you’re good to go pick some spring flowers or whatever it is you’d rather be doing! And you’ll look absolutely darling while you’re at it.

Consider these styling tips the next time you’re wondering what you wear because the answer to “What should I wear today?” should always be “A maxi dress.”

Images: augstatz/polyvore

Photo by …love Maegan