Fall 2017 expected to be unusually warm, latest weather forecast shows

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Don’t break out the scarf just yet!

Back in July, weather predictions showed fall 2017 would be a warm one. Based on the latest weather predictions made in August, that is still likely to be the case.

Weather experts are forecasting fall 2017 to have above-average warm temperatures all across the country—despite parts of the country, like the Midwest, experiencing an early September cold snap.


Above-Average Temperatures Across The Country

In the map below, you’ll see that the National Weather Service (the federal government’s weather agency) is predicting warmer-than-average temperatures across the entire country, with the Northeast, Southwest and Alaska showing the greatest likelihood of experiencing above-average temps.


National Weather Service

With these predictions in place, it’s fairly safe to assume your area will experience a warm fall, though the NWS doesn’t predict exactly how many degrees above average the temperature will be.

If the above-average temps stick around as predicted, 2017 will turn out to be the second-hottest year on record. The hottest year on record? 2016.

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Above-Average Rainfall In The Southern Region And Alaska

The NWS says there’s a 33-40 percent chance that the southern part of the United States ranging from Texas to the East Coast will get a wetter-than-usual fall. So, that means potentially damp trick-or-treating sessions and fewer campfires for the region if the prediction holds true (as if that area isn’t wet enough already, no thanks to Harvey and Irma).

The southern part of Alaska is expected to get a wetter than average fall as well.

National Weather Service

Will Temperatures Continue To Rise?

Long-range forecasts completed in 2016 do expect temperatures to keep rising in the coming years.

“We cannot say exactly how warm it will get, but there is no doubt the overall upward trend of temperatures will continue,” Doug Smith, a British expert on long-term forecasting, told The Guardian. “We cannot say exactly how hot 2018, 2019 or 2020 will be. That will depend on other variables. But the general trend is going to be upwards.”

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Of course, it’s tricky to predict the weather, but the consensus seems to be leaning towards warmer weather. So, if you do experience a nice, chilly fall day—go outside and play in the leaves or make s’mores to make the most of the cooler weather while you can!

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Or maybe we’ll all just have to start changing our expectations of fall weather, and iced Pumpkin Spice Lattes will become our go-to drinks over the classic hot PSL.

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