How To Weather-Proof Your Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Bad weather on Halloween is pretty common. Fortunately, you can keep mother nature from ruining your kids’ fun.

Here are a few tips to help you weather proof your kids’ Halloween costumes so that they can stay warm or cool, dry and happy all night.

Always Plan For Rain

Plan for rain, especially if you live in a coastal state. You can spray costumes with a waterproofing spray that you can find easily at most craft stores, according to If it’s really going to pour, consider trying to incorporate a hooded cape or jacket into your kids’ costume.

If that doesn’t work, buy a clear poncho that your kids can cover with Halloween stickers or waterproof paint. And make sure that the candy bags your kids are using to collect goodies are made of a semi-waterproof plastic. The only thing worse than soggy shoes is soggy Snickers.

Want to know when it’ll actually rain before you head out the door? Download the RadarCast app – it’ll tell you when it’ll rain in your area, up to an hour in advance.

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If It Will Be Snowy Or Cold…

Then make sure that your kids are brainstorming costumes that will be really warm and that they can put layers on underneath. Onesie costumes like Buzz Lightyear, a princess in a long gown with arm-length sleeves and a hooded cape, or Iron Man—complete with the full body suit and mask—are a few examples of great layering costumes.

If you’re worried that after a few hours outside, even in the warmest layers, your kids won’t be able to feel their fingers or toes, then considering going trick-or-treating in the car instead of walking. also suggests bringing a thermos of hot chocolate or hot apple cider to help give your kids a boost with something warm.

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If It’s Actually Going To Be Very Warm…

If you know your state is looking at a very warm Halloween, then look for costumes that use face paint instead of masks, which can get really stuffy. Great lightweight costumes might include pirates, superheros, ninjas, or an Avatar.

Try to make sure that your kids drink plenty of water, and maybe store chocolates in a bag separate from all the other candy, just in case it melts.

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Check Out Easy DIY Weather Proof Costumes

Thoughtful Women has a number of fun DIY costumes that would keep you dry and warm, like a Duct Tape mummy or Big Bird. Be careful though, wrapping yourself in Duct Tape could be extremely warm, so that might not be the kind of costume you want your kid wearing for a Floridian Halloween.

eHow also has a great tutorial on how to rain-proof Halloween costumes.

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Host A Halloween Party

If the weather just won’t be on your side for Halloween (thanks, hurricane season), then consider hosting a small Halloween party for your kids and their friends.

You can turn part of your home into a mini haunted house, and set up fun games that both you and the kids will enjoy. Buy a spooky piñata, and make some Halloween-themed food.

Sure, it might be the messier option for Halloween fun, but it will also save you a lot of walking in potentially miserable weather.

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