This Weatherman’s Rant Sums Up How We All Feel About Cold April Weather

Don't shoot the messenger!

Listen — Michigan meteorologist Garry Frank can’t help that the cold weather is lingering. It’s his job to report what the weather will look like in the coming days, and yes, he wishes it would warm up, too.

On April 10, after all of the complaining about the ongoing winter temperatures from his co-workers, he’d had enough. During a live broadcast, he decided to let his colleagues at Grand Rapids TV station WXMI know how he felt about the situation. The outburst has since gone viral.

overcast weather photo
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“You guys are dragging me down,” Frank says as he begins his forecast. “Every time I get done with the seven-day [forecast] you guys are like ‘ugh,’ ‘gosh.’ And then you expect me to be chipper for five straight hours. It’s miserable.”

From there, he preceded to continue with his forecast. And — as you might have guessed — he didn’t come baring good news. The highs in the west Michigan area were predicted to be in the 60s, but the lows were dipping towards 19 degrees. If that doesn’t make you thrilled, here’s what Frank has to say on the matter:

“What do you want me to do — lie to you? I’ll put 70 every day next time,” he said.

Check out his full outburst below:

We feel you, man. We feel you.

The station’s YouTube video of Frank’s rant has racked up more than 1.3 million views since it was posted on April 12, and it has spurred comments such as, “[I] hope he gets a raise.”

Because seriously — you just won’t get a more honest or accurate weather forecast than that one.

Are you tired of the dreary April weather?