This Website Finds Hidden Travel Attractions In Every State

We all know where the big tourist destinations are. But where are some of the hidden gems?

Enter this website: Just enter the state where you’re heading to, and it will give you some maybe not-so-well-known places you can visit. They’ll probably end up being a shade more economical than those big theme parks, too. Let’s pick a few places at random. Survey says….

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

You’ll find “Goldie 1971,” a rusty ol’ 23 foot tall robot, half buried on the University of Alabama campus by alumni Joe McCreary. Meant to symbolize the fall of the state steel industry. When the kids say “Dad! We wanna see a robot!” Point the car towards the Alabama campus, and Roll Tide!


Hillsboro, Oregon

You’ll come across a Boeing 727 jetliner. Not at the airport (silly guess, right?) but in the middle of the woods. It’s owned by a fellow named Bruce Campbell, and he lives in it. You can take a tour, but write ahead first, don’t just drop by. Here’s his story:

Akeley, Minnesota

The home of Paul Bunyan. So naturally, this is the place for the World’s Largest Paul Bunyan Statue, dedicated in 1985. No sign of Babe The Blue Ox, though.

Cabuzon, California

Headed to Palm Springs? You won’t be able to miss these two (unless there’s a dust storm, which is possible.) This is Dinny the Dinosaur and Mr. Rex. Dinny went up in 1964, and Mr. Rex followed in 1981. (There’s a small gift shop in his belly.) (We visited them last month, that’s my wife in the photo pointing up at Rexie.)



With Roadside America, your road trips may never be boring again.

h/t: States Of : Lifehacker