21-Year-Old Documents Her Amazing 160-Lb. Weight Loss On Instagram

Need some motivation to go to the gym today? A 21-year-old woman named Jessica’s simple choice one day propelled her to a 160-lb. weight loss!

Known now as getfitwjessica on Instagram, this young lady has inspired hundreds of thousands of people with her personal posts. She started her weight loss journey at more than 320 pounds.

“At the end of February 2016 I decided to get up and do something about my weight,” she said in a YouTube video posted in April. “I was tired of being lazy and feeling like I had no motivation to do anything. I would literally sit in bed all day long. Until one day I just decided I wasn’t going to do this anymore.”


Making positive changes in eating habits

Jessica began with making changes to her eating habits. At first, she used meal replacement shakes to jump-start her weight loss. She created a routine of two meals and one meal with snacks. She knew she’d have trouble eating lots of fruits and vegetables at first. So, the shakes gave her the calorie control and nutrients she needed as she began a new lifestyle.

After two or three months, Jessica replaced one shake with a meal, she explained in a YouTube video. As her healthy eating habits grew, so did her confidence. Eventually, she dropped another shake for an actual meal. Today she still drinks shakes occasionally and features them on her Instagram page.


More weight loss through movement

Jessica slowly got into exercise after starting her new eating plan. At first, she walked after work. She progressed to two or three miles per day after a month. Then, she decided to join a gym.

“I procrastinated for that entire month because I was just so nervous to even get a gym membership,” she said in a YouTube video. “I was scared that people would be looking at me and be like ‘well, why is she even here.'”

Jessica got a lot of support from people at her new gym. She even discovered most people were too busy doing their own thing to be looking at her. Her time at the gym transformed into something fun and another way to keep her motivated.


Setting a new weight loss goal

In a little more than 12 months, Jessica got down to 150 pounds, which was her original goal. Now, though, she’s focused on a new goal: losing 15 more pounds.

She posts daily about her journey, as well as words of encouragement to everyone following her. Jessica started her Instagram as a way to show people that they can lose weight with portion control and exercise.


She also stays motivated by trying on clothes that no longer fit.

“Me trying on clothes that used to be my favorite pair of jeans or something that had rips in them because I wore them all the time,” she said. “I try them on and they won’t even stay up. That’s what motivates me. That’s what keeps me going: seeing results. I can’t explain it any better than that.”


That’s pretty inspiring — congratulations, Jessica!