Wendy’s finally announces the return date of its spicy chicken nuggets


If you love fast food, or even just eat it occasionally, chances are you’ve become fond of an item only to have it disappear from menus right when a craving hits.

It happens everywhere, including at Wendy’s, where they cut their spicy chicken nuggets from the menu in March 2017. Spicy food fans did not take the change lightly, tweeting at Wendy’s and asking them to bring the food item back, threatening to boycott the restaurant altogether if it didn’t happen.

As Twitter user @taelormade__ wrote in a post that perfectly encapsulates what everyone was feeling, “I have no more use for @Wendys since they’ve gotten rid of the spicy nuggets.”


Things really ramped up, though, when Chance the Rapper joined in on the Tweetstorm with a joke (or was it?) about the nuggets. Wendy’s re-tweeted his tweet to their followers, saying they would bring the nuggets back if the tweet got two million likes.

It did — in less than 48 hours(!!) — and Wendy’s kept their promise, announcing in May that the nuggets would indeed return.

Until now, however, all we knew was that the beloved food would be making a comeback — not when. That changed on June 24 when Wendy’s again took to Twitter to announce the official date.

Mark your calendars for Aug. 19, 2019, as this is the first day you can get your hands on those spicy nuggets!

After the initial uproar at the spicy nuggets’ departure, Wendy’s wrote a blog post explaining the decision. They wrote that it wasn’t the nuggets’ fault or a snap decision. It’s just that not everyone loved the spicy nuggets.

Their suggestion at the time? Order a plain spicy chicken fillet and cut it up into little squares. Or order regular chicken nuggets with a side of spicy creamy sriracha sauce. They then left a phone number nugget lovers could dial to voice their opinions and also asked them to vent their frustrations on Facebook and Twitter. A request fans clearly took them up on.


Were you upset when Wendy’s took the nuggets off the menu two years ago? Will you be picking some up this August?

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