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Wendy’s Is Going To Install 1,000 Self-Ordering Kiosks In Its Restaurants

You want fries with that? Tell it to the screen.

Imagine how much quicker fast-food ordering could be if you didn’t even have to talk to anyone to place your order. Technology-filled restaurants are the way of the future, and Wendy’s is looking to get ahead of the curve.

The chain is reportedly planning to install a total of 1,000 ordering kiosks in 100 different locations by the end of the year.

David Trimm, Wendy’s chief information officer, told The Columbus Dispatch that the kiosks will serve two purposes: They’ll give a younger generation of customers the ordering experience they want while simultaneously lowering labor costs.

According to Trimm, a typical store will get three kiosks, but customers will still have the option to order at the counter from a real person if they’re feeling nostalgic for the ever-dwindling face-to-face communication that’s becoming a thing of the past in the retail and service industries.

Wendy’s definitely isn’t the first restaurant chain to hop aboard the tech-friendly train, nor will it be the last. Industry leader McDonald’s has already started testing out this “restaurant of the future” concept in some of its stores in Chicago, New York, Florida and California, with locations featuring table service and digital kiosks.

“Demand for the technology is high, and higher-volume stores will get priority,” Heidi Schauer, Wendy’s spokeswoman, told The Columbus Dispatch. They’ve already started testing the technology in some central Ohio locations.

So, will your late night hunger very soon be met with a screen where you can easily just tap a photo to place your Wendy’s order? You’ll just have to wait and see if your local Wendy’s will become one of the 1,000 restaurants to integrate this new technology.

In the meantime, if you enjoy that personal touch, you’d better go get your interaction with live Wendy’s workers in while you still can.

[h/t: Consumerist]