Wendy’s Is Bringing Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets And People Are Stoked

There’s nothing like the sorrow of realizing that a beloved menu item has been discontinued from your favorite fast food location. Such was the case for many sad Americans when Wendy’s took their spicy chicken nuggets off the menu. But cry no more. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated Wendy’s fans across the country, customers have finally convinced the chain to put the spicy chicken nuggets back on their menu.

It all started on Sunday when Wendy’s tweeted this message to their 3.14 million followers:

Their tweet was in response to a half-joking tweet from Chance the Rapper (best known for his work on hip-hop hits like “Angels” featuring Saba and “No Problem” featuring 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne). On a list of positive affirmations for the day, he told himself that today would be the day that spicy chicken nuggets came back into his life.

Wendy’s retweeted the rapper’s original message and promised to deliver spicy chicken nuggets to their salivating fans as long as the tweet received 2 million likes.

Chance the Rapper

Well, despite that astronomical number, it didn’t take very long for Wendy’s to amass that massive level of likes. In less than two days, the Wendy’s Twitter post got their requested 2 million likes — and more.

As of now, the original Wendy’s post has 2,218,229 likes and over 420,000 retweets. Meanwhile, Chance the Rapper is enjoying lots of love from spicy chicken nugget fans who have him to thank for the return of their favorite menu item. And he’s wisely using the trending #spicychickennuggets tag to make sure that his work gets plenty of attention, too.

Hey, positive affirmations really work!

It’s been over two years since fans could enjoy Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets, but we hope to see this item back on the menu soon, as promised. Until then, satisfy your craving with a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich and be sure to try a new Frosty cookies sundae!

And don’t forget, it’s 50-cent Frosties for a limited time, so grab one (or several) and work on those positive affirmations. Spicy chicken nuggets will be here before you know it.