Wendy’s will replace your fries if they’re not hot and crispy

Wendy's restaurant in Richardson, Texas in 2020
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Just weeks after announcing a major change to their French fries, Wendy’s is so sure fans will love them, they’re now offering a replacement guarantee.

The fast-food chain ended up testing more than 20 different cuts and shapes for their new “Hot & Crispy Fries,” settling on a shape that has a thick and thin side: one for heat retention and one for crispiness. Standing by the name of their new fries, Wendy’s will now replace your order of fries if they are not, well, hot and crispy.

“The Hot & Crispy Guarantee is Wendy’s way of doubling down on fries, our most important side offering,” Wendy’s U.S. chief marketing officer, Carl Loredo, said in a press release.

“We’re committed to delivering hot and crispy fries with every single order — if your fries aren’t hot and crispy when you receive them, we’ll replace them, no questions asked,” he continued. “This guarantee is an expression of the trust we’ve built with our customers, assuring a high-quality, craveable experience every time.”


After being in the works for years, Wendy’s new fries launched nationwide in October. Their launch was accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the fast-food chain saw a spike in drive-thru and delivery orders, which meant fries weren’t being eaten right away and often got cold or soggy.

The new fries are natural-cut, skin-on and made with real potatoes. According to Wendy’s, they also hold up to dipping in sauce or even a Frosty. If you order the new fries and find that they aren’t holding up to dipping, however — or are cold or not crispy — simply tell Wendy’s and you’ll get fresh fries.

If you plan on trying the fries soon, you can get an extra deal if you go on a Friday. Wendy’s is holding Fry-days every Friday in October, offering up free food when you purchase an order of fries.

The deal is good every Friday in October and includes a free junior bacon cheeseburger on Oct. 15, an order of 10-piece crispy or spicy nuggets on Oct. 22 and a free classic chicken sandwich on Oct. 29. Simply download the Wendy’s app and apply the offer to any mobile order.


Will you be heading to Wendy’s to try their new fries?

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