People Are Getting Engagement Ring Piercings

Once upon a time, a diamond ring was the standard engagement ring. However, trends have evolved, and nontraditional rings have become more popular. These days, those planning to say “I do” are experimenting with different center stones, unique designs and even rings that are reflective of their favorite books and movies.

Now, the latest trend in engagement jewelry is not a ring at all. Instead, people are getting engagement piercings. Called dermal piercings, these single-point piercings consist of an anchor inserted straight into the skin and a sparkly diamond top set into the anchor. People are having the piercings done on their ring fingers in lieu of traditional rings.

Check out one example posted to Instagram by tattoo artist Josie Collins:

And here are some varied examples of different styles of engagement piercings from custom jewelry designer @quan.shineon on Instagram:

If you like the look, you should be advised that this type of piercing does pose some risks.

“There’s a much higher risk for scarring, for forming a foreign body granuloma[inflammation around the area], or thick granulation tissue around that area,” Michele Farber, a dermatologist with Schweiger Dermatology in New York City, told Women’s Health.

Dermatologist Chris Kearney says that the possibility of trauma or infection in your fingers is not worth it.

“The fingers are obviously critically important to human beings and they shouldn’t be risked for the sake of a few likes on Instagram,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald. “Because of the constant use of hands (think toilet visits), piercings at this site are especially prone to trauma and infections.”

In fact, Kearney says you’d be better off tattooing your beloved’s name on your ring finger.

If you still want to try it out, Dr. Farber advises that you do your research to find a reputable piercer. You should also take your aftercare seriously, including twice-daily soaks to keep the area clean.