How To Make This Incredibly Easy And Useful Rope Can [Video]

I know that I personally have too many metal cans sitting in my pantry right now. If this applies to you, too, then keep reading, as we have a solution for you! The best thing about this craft is that you probably already have all of the materials on hand. You’ll be able to quickly put those metal cans to use with this DIY rope can.

This DIY rope can only requires three materials, and it is super easy to create! All you will need is a metal can, a hot glue gun, a string of rope and you’re all set. Ready to create your own rope can? Simply follow the craft instructions below to get started!

This stylish rope can would look great in your kitchen, bathroom or office!

Materials Needed

  • Metal can(s)
  • Glue gun
  • Rope

Craft Instructions

  • Starting at the bottom of the can, glue around 1/3 of the can.
  • Lay on the rope, pressing down so it sticks.
  • Continue gluing at 1/3 can increments, and press rope up and around the entire can. (*Tip* we found pressing the glue gun tip slightly to the can made a thinner line of glue, and didn’t ooze out between the rope layers!)
  • When you reach the top, cut off approximately 3/4 of extra rope leaving a small tail.
  • Wrap tail over lip, down into the can
  • Hot glue rope tail inside can.

In the video above, we show you how to make a rope can for your desk to hold all of your pens, pencils, scissors or whatever else may need holding. However, this rope can is very versatile. The next one I make will be a make-up brush holder!

What will yours hold?