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This Is What H&M Actually Stands For

Plus, we have details on their big 4th of July sale!

You may know H&M as a trendy fashion retailer, but the brand is so much more than that. The stores may seems super modern and hip, but they come with a lot of history. And if you’ve never stopped to consider what the letters “H” and “M” stand for, honestly—you’re not alone.

But, now that you are actually curious, it’s time to find out. But first, a little background information: The first H&M store was opened in 1947 in Sweden, only it didn’t bear the name “H&M” at the time. Back then, it was called Hennes, which is Swedish for “hers,” as they only sold clothing for women in the beginning.


Skip to 1968, when the Hennes brand acquired a hunting apparel and fishing equipment retailer called Mauritz Widforss. After acquiring this new brand, H&M founder Erling Persson decided to start creating menswear and children’s clothing in addition to women’s fashion.

Since the label would no longer just carry women’s clothing, a name change was required. Hennes & Mauritz was born. In 1974, the company rebranded and became H&M, and it launched in America later that decade.

Because Americans know it only as H&M, that’s the only name that’s used in the U.S., but many Scandinavians still call it by its original name, Hennes.

Regardless of where you’re from or what you call this store, there’s no denying that it’s got some of the most affordable, on-trend clothing and accessories around.

It definitely pays to be a fan of H&M, and the sale they’re having in honor of the Fourth of July will prove it to you! Right now they’re offering up to 70 percent off on women’s, men’s, kid’s and home. You can find items starting at just $4, so be sure to take advantage of these deals while they last!

Even if you didn’t know what H&M stood for, you knew they had incredibly affordable clothing and more—and really, that’s the most important information of all!