What It’s Like To Be An Emirates Airline Flight Attendent

Considered one of the most elite and prestigious airlines in the world, it’s no surprise that Emirates managers hold their crew to high standards. With over 200,000 applications to sort through, only the best of the best get hired to serve those in the air.

But what does it take to actually become a member of this elite squad and how glamorous is the lifestyle?

What Are The Job Requirements?

Candidates need to be a certain height (you need to be tall enough to be able to close an overhead bin), pass an English test, and do well in group exercises, states an Emirates flight attendant to Traveller.

What Types Of People Are They Looking For?

According to the Emirates career page, they are looking for, “innovative forward-thinkers, travel-hungry explorers who tirelessly exceed customer expectations.”

The Huffington Post reports that recruiters prefer applicants with a clean, professional look, as the Emirates uniform is elegant and polished. One does not need flight experience to qualify.

How Strict Are Their Uniform Regulations?

Emirates has a reputation for taking their crew’s appearance very seriously. When hired, an attendant is given a book of rules. Some of the rules include:

  • They must wear foundation.
  • Nails must be clear, nude, red (color must match the signature hat), or a french manicure.
  • Longer hair must be tucked up into a French roll or twist, or braids.
  • Red lipstick shade mush compliment the hat.
  • The hat must be placed two finger widths above one’s eyebrows, and the scarf must be tucked a certain way.

What’s The Training Like?

Jenna McNaught told Traveller,

We have live simulators in Dubai, which is exactly like a plane. So they give you [emergency] scenarios in there and you have to react to them. You’ll have to do firefighting … we even have a firefighting room where we have to put out live fires.

Emirates has an in-depth 7-week training program, which is divided into the following categories:

  • Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP)
  • First Aid (accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh)
  • Service
  • Emirates Cabin Crew Image and Emirates Cabin Crew Uniform
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Security Procedures

What Are Some Of The Benefits?

According to the Emirates benefits page, compensation perks include a salary that’s tax-free, a profit sharing plan, complimentary transportation to and from the airport, and fully-furnished living quarters in Dubai, which you share with other Emirates Cabin Crew.

Non-cash compensation benefits include: getting to see the world, 30-days of annual leave, an education support allowance, health insurance, discounts on shopping and other various activities in Dubai, and flights for eligible dependents.

Is It Really That Glamorous?

Tamara White, an Emirates flight attendant, told Huffington Post:

Most of the time, yes. Your body gets tired from long journeys — you have to force yourself to stay awake all that time. The tired part is the hardest part, but if you compare it to how many places you’ve been and how many countries you’ve seen, it’s all worth it…It’s an addictive lifestyle. It’s truly amazing.

How Do You Apply?

Think you’ve got what it takes? Candidates can apply online or at an “Open Day.” These in-person applications take place once a month, in about 50 cities across the globe. To see if an Open Day is coming near you soon, click here.

Photo by Photocapy