Here’s What People Actually Want For Valentine’s Day

If we’re to believe every advertisement we see at this time of the year, chocolates and roses are the go-to Valentine’s Day gifts across the land. But does that reflect our real desires, or is the power of marketing-driven consumerism making us think that’s what we want?

Real talk: We do want all things chocolate, of course. But maybe we want something a little more thoughtful than that, too.

So here’s the big question. Do we wish our partners would show their love in a way that’s idealistic, or realistic? For example: Do you want a romantic night out for Valentine’s Day, or do you wish your partner in life would just do you a huge favor and clean the car, because frankly, the kids have trashed it, and you’re too exhausted to do anything about it.

Here at Simplemost, we were so curious about this question that we conducted a poll. What would you rather have your partner do for Valentine’s Day, give you a great date night, or clean the car?

Well, 4,706 of you voted, and the results are in.

clean car photo
Getty Images | Andrew Renneisen

The voting was very close but it turns out there are a lot of practical folks out there! Clean the car was declared the winner, with 2,480 votes.

But don’t worry, romance isn’t dead. Date-night voters put up a good (but loving, and presumably fun and sexy) fight, pulling in 2,226 votes for a night out for Valentine’s Day.


If all of this has you thinking, well, wouldn’t both be nice? We’re with you, because heading out for a date night in your sparkling-clean car sounds like an amazing way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe taking a pragmatic and romantic approach to relationships is the way to really have it all!

What’s your dream gift on Valentine’s Day?