What to know about Disney’s ‘Go Away Green’ Paint and how to use it

Disney magic is not limited to its movies. Disney theme parks are enchanted, as well. Step through the gates of Disneyland, Disney World or any other Disney attraction around the globe, and you are transported to a place where elephants can fly, puppets become real boys and fairy tale characters are neighbors.

And the magic doesn’t stop with what you can see — it also includes what you don’t perceive. The creative geniuses at the Disney parks use visual tricks to hide unsightly yet necessary objects. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a paint that visitors don’t see … sort of.

What Is ‘Go Away Green’ Paint?

Animals use camouflage to hide in plain sight. Similarly, Disney’s engineers and designers use a paint often referred to as “Go Away Green” to conceal certain items that are hard to hide.

Astute visitors will notice many objects painted a grayish-green shade that was designed to be overlooked. Everything from show buildings to fence posts to sound system speakers are coated with the color to help enhance visitors’ experiences by allowing them to focus on the main attractions.

The science behind the shade is simple. The muted green blends in with grass, trees and other natural elements so human eyes simply overlook anything painted that color.


Other Disney Décor Tactics

“Go Away Green” is not the only paint color Disney uses to distract guests. There is reportedly a shade known as “No See Um Gray” as well. The second color is presumably used where natural greenery is less abundant.

However, you might also notice that there seem to be trees, plants and sometimes simply piles of earth placed around Disney theme parks. Part of the greenery’s purpose is to obscure anything that might spoil the magic.

Disney World also uses hidden tunnels to keep things running smoothly. When cast members need breaks, vendors need to restock or employees need to take out the trash, they duck into the tunnels. They can tend to everyday tasks without ever being seen by guests.

How To Use ‘Go Away Green’ At Home

According to a Redditor who claims to document paint colors for Disney, there is no single formula for “Go Away Green.” But if you have an exterior object, such as a displeasing wall or unattractive trash bin enclosure, you can take a cue from Disney’s designers.

Choose a paint shade that blends well with the surroundings. Look to the prevalent natural hues close by to find the best camouflaging color for your home.

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