What Your Lipstick Says About Your Personality

Sometimes a little lipstick can be a girl’s best accessory. It can make you look instantly put together and even improve your mood (at least in my experience). Not only can a great lip shade work wonders for your outfit, it can also say a lot about who you are as a person. Who knew it could be this powerful?

Keep reading to find out what your lipstick says about you. Everything from the color, the finish, even to the shape of your lipstick can give away pieces of your personality. Are you ready to learn a little something about yourself?

The Color


If you opt for a red color, you’re into the classics. You probably prefer jeans to any other type of pants and prefer listening to vinyls than anything else. You appreciate that sometimes there’s nothing better than the original version. And as far as slicking a little rouge on your lips, well, it doesn’t get much more classic than that.

red lips photo

Deep Burgundy

Applying a deep burgundy shade means that you’re not afraid to be bold. You don’t mind getting attention (because it’d be hard not to notice that lip shade), and you enjoy feeling all dressed up. You’re probably wearing a killer outfit to compliment your shade, so you’re hoping people take notice.

black lipstick photo
Photo by withbeautiful


You’re outgoing and fun if you opt for a pink color. Pink is notoriously “girly,” and that matches your bubbly personality just fine.

pink lips photo
Photo by Ashley Harrigan


You’re a little more subtle and sleek with your makeup, if you opt for a nude lip. You’ve got a no-nonsense attitude and you like for the process of applying makeup to be streamlined. Looking great doesn’t have to take long. You embrace that sometimes minimal goes a long way.

nude lipstick photo
Photo by Idhren


If you rock a black pout, you’re not afraid to make a statement or be completely on-trend. You often opt for the trendy choice when it comes to clothing, makeup, music and more. And if you can pull off a black lip, then I say more power to you!

black lips photo
Photo by inuliwa

The Finish


If you choose a matte finish for your lipstick, you want a great color with none of the fuss. None of that hair sticking to your lips when the wind blows nonsense for you.



You’re looking for more bang for your buck. Great color and shine? That’s just what you had in mind. It’s more fun that way— not to mention cost efficient. Why buy lipstick and lip gloss when you could have it all-in-one.


The Shape



If your lipstick is rounded, you take the time to carefully apply your lipstick evenly because you put a lot of care into what you do, even when it comes to makeup application.


A flat top on your lipstick indicates that you’re usually in a rush, and you just need to color on there, stat. No time to worry about perfectly applying with the tip of the lipstick, it’s all the same thing anyways, right?


Lipstick with a sharp point shows that you pay attention to detail and value precision. No dipping below the lip and onto the skin for you. You need a perfect application. Every. Single. Time.

Combine color, finish and shape to see if that gives an accurate depiction of your personality, at least as far as your lipstick choices are concerned.

[h/t: Harper’s Bazaar]